Saturday, December 27, 2008

a typical SWEAT-SWT day.

26 dec 2008.i went erm outing v chai, wai how and piggy ivan.its dinner.
i wearing so so so proper and ivan say wan go Lucky ten at bbk.. fine then.. and there we go...
so they(chai & how) were "forcing ivan to go "bukit cahaya" lol.. and the kepoh aka me.. wanted to go since i havent!!*tell u readers a little dirty little secret later*
so they "approve" and let me go.
and badly WAI HOW owe me RM 300.because he spoiled my LEVI'S JEANS.

the next day(means today)
this moring.. i went bah kut teh v my family.. then by 1030... chai come fetch me.
so when ivan pass by a "yu char kuey" stall he ask to stop and chai bought it.
and also thanks to ivan cz bringing chai the wrong direction(eventhough he had been there twice within a week)

so we reach about 11.and they go rent bicycle.
piggy all of them force me to rent and ride but I DOWAN cz,,,,,,,,,,,
I CANT!!!(readers...dats my dirty little secret..hahah!!dont laugh!!)
and at last. i din rent
they cycle(eu yong,chai,wai how and ivan)
AND I WALK OF CZ!!!*grrr*
adn ive beel walking from 11 am to 3pm.
its like hot and gosh.
1st:swt come visit me
2nd:sweat come visit me.
3rd:swt and sweat come together-gether and visit!!

then we went 4 season hs.. nw is winter of cz..
and is 2degree to 7 degree

and then we "climb" to ivan house.

and then wai how FALL DOWN at ivan's ladder(lol...ivan house ladder)

what happen next?
oya.. we went 2nd time winter hs.. then we went HOME.

lol!! we go makan actually.. at bbk again.. pak li(luckily never kena saman.haha)

then i say wan go watch movie.

chickening chai nearly reach jj d then u turn say dowan go


then.. we go kp.. since he say very long din go d.. then...

reach car park i say go bowling.but ivan come out v the idea of "dowan his middle finger gone..LAME)

then,, we sat INSIDE THE CAR ... and out of sudden...


lol... means sing inside the car...(the word come from greenbox) lol

i dont know which cleverguy come out v that idea.

so after quarelling v chai. we went down to the lift. before the lift open, we cabut telling the "lift spoil" so have to gojj and watch!!

back to car me n chai continue quarrel..lalala..
and at las he go.

and i promiss him i will treat
actuallyhis "birthday present"=] sorry for the late..BUT BETTER THAN YOU.I DIN RECEIVE ANY PRESENT FROM YOU=[

and so ngam jo ask me go dinner. sorry but i cant.
before i reply u chai trying to call u you up and ask u to come but duno y cant get thru cz if he call ul know im with who tha's y i din reply you im with

and we watch IP MAN.
its a good show.

and PROBABLY we lok cute so they check our ic...#haha#
ppl.,.. i know that ul sure read in eng.
as in "AI-PEE MEN"

but actually the truth is

"yip-man"-read in cantonese.

lol!!! so lame...

then wai how come out from toilet and say he cannt pee and want to!! then we force him to mamak and i force him to drink "teh halia"

its good for u wai how.

then oya.i left out 2

1st...ivan's "birdy" let ppl SEE..hahahahahahahahaha!!!
he go toilet.then he ma peeeeeee lo.. (the many ppl together pee wan)

so came a chinese young guy stand beside him and look at ivan"s "pee-ing process"

OMG!!this is insane.. haha.. but its funny... and its crazeee...kesian ivan... pls dun night mare=]

2nd:i saw "XX" at bukit cahaya,, its surprising. IM SHOCK.bcz i never thought of meet him in such a!!

and.. ppl... i record ivan's concert-true voice when he sing at "his house" and ppl... its "crush by david.archu"

haha..*bluek* tired plus happie today.

thanks to ivan,thiam chai(bro),eu yong and lastly waihow(hehe).

toodles ppl.. il upload the picture soon.

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