Wednesday, December 10, 2008

fcuk uoy

gosh.. im just back from genting just now.. so damm freaking happie that my internet prob solve=]wanted to do some blogging on friday( 6th dec) but too bad internet got prob.. so nvm.. ok. this pic.MARK THIS STUPID FUCKING CAR PEOPLE!! i hate people so rude and so pek chek.. i know im scolding bad word.. but im 100% better than her...
know why i saw this car owner fucking stupid? ops!! not only that.. she's fucking KURANG AJAR!! this is when fri morning before i went to miss lim class. this cas park infront of my car. tis is how she park.. what do you people feel if i park my car like dat infront of your house?!
because of your stupidness you made my daddy late for work any ME late for miss lim class cause my car cant get out!! not you cannot park at my house.. you can.. no problem wan but HELLO!! PLS BEHAVE la.. people let you park you ma park ho ho lai la...park half half like that ar? stupid chicken bamboo ginne zoomzee sutke asshole!!!!!

you thought what?? wear beautiful face fair fair people fat fat then can park at my house like that ar?
can you(the owner) dont show your NO-BRAIN ATTITUDE in the public??? SHAME ON YOU !!how on earth could you put on your stupid pek chek face to other people just like that???!!

its ok... you park like that... by manners.. you should say.. oh im sorry!!!
but you did not... when my mum is talking to you and you were treating my mum as INVISIBLE?hey girl.. let me tell you what...
you MEMALUKAN and MENSIASUIKAN kaum wanita!!!!
why?? you kurang ajar wan izit? wan me to ajar you or not? huh?
KURANG AJAR PUNYA ANAK!! FUCK YOU MAN!! you let ppl fuck til no ass also nobody will kolian you!!!!!!!!!!
you stupid asshole!!
what?? my mum ho sim talk to you tell you dont park like that cannot ar?! you stupid deaf fucking jerk girl replied "huh?" with the world most pek chek face.. pls la.. keep you UGLY face and bo ka si attitude at home can ar?? nobody will appreciate it.. better leave the are only a rubbish!! RUBBISH!!
you are talking to my mum dey!!! try on talk to me like that.. il let your car dont have 4 tyre dont have side mirror AND BROKE YOUR CAR BIG MAIN MIRROR!!

ok.. this blog is so suck because i scold alot alot ALOT of bad words.. its underage people... dont ever try it at your home=]

to people who drive or you dont.. PLEASE dont park at people house like that.. its a sin.. you trouble alot of people especially the owner of the house to move in and out.. its bad...

to whom who drive.. dun ever did this..
to whom who dun/din/haven/going to drive.. please dont ever try this at people house...

advice those people around them not to do so... so that things get better then ever...

lastly.. people.. pls.. dun....

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