Thursday, December 25, 2008


i dont know what to type.also dont know how to start.
and im so lazy to upload time ba.when my mood return...

so. sometimes i was thinking... am i wrong?
so means that i should stand at ppl's position and think?
alright... standing at ppl's position and think wasnt that bad.. BUT. im not ALWAYS WRONG!!

and.. was thinking .. let say.. if if IF .. i stand on ppl's shoes and think,
will the person do the same thing??
or only just using their mouth and think but never INTERPRET.
so.. its.. hm. WEIRD.

im not being cool, not acting on it, not playing around
and probably im too chong tong for the decision.
BUt.. the decision wont prove me wrong.
and so.. im waiting for this moment.
UNLESS there's such things as MIRACLE happens.

seriously, ive been thinking about it quite long and quite often.
again and again.
at last, i come out with a very wrong and self-ish decision.
a decision that PROBABLY will ruin my friendship.
too bad.
im letting it go.unless she's AWAKE.
knowing what she's thinking and doing.

she's gt her own problem.i know.
and i wish to share with her.
too bad. i dont think so im the suitable person that she need to lean on.
so.. eventually i have to let it off.

from not-so good-friend become very-best friend then become good-friend and now
i think its only just-a-friend.

all the misunderstanding revolve around me.
a-non-stop wan.
was telling myself not to be so NAIVE.
not to be SOFT-HEART.
too bad...all this long i was being naive and soft heart.
cant god made/create our heart "hard"?

ya..again and again stepping into trap.
so isnt this is what they called life?lol...

time flew so quickly.
by telling myself not to think much and stop crying is impossible.
alot.alot of memory created by her running through my mind again and again.
even now.
trying to tell her/msg her.
but i couldnt do so. cz i dont know where to start/how to start and even how to end and where to end.
the best is keep it quite and let it be.
keeping quite is the best-for me.
as time pass by, truth will reveal.
and just let the time prove it.

and lastly,
im not always wrong.
please dont put the blame on me.

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