Saturday, December 20, 2008

Attn: the 6 of us.

maybe ul feel bad/angry/pek chek on me or what so ever. but its ok.
i want to tell youll that this coming christmas eve which is 24 dec 2008,
our meet up will be CANCELED.
according to easy every body AND avoid of being ME scold/look at ppl's face,
i wish to stop this coming meet up and own do own celebration.

cerd, you can go celebrate with your cousin aka jie already.
fen , you can go celebrate with your family/relative already.tmr(25 th dec)
can go work in normal condition.
shin , you can go celebrate with ting or family.(ur sis is coming back.perhaps you can go celebrate with her if you wish)
jo , you can go celebrate with your coll fren/cousin/family ady
ting , you can stay at home and celebrate liau.your mum wont so wory.

i hope every1 will be very satisfy on this "PLAN"

anything please leave comment here.



jolyne said...

wei budak!!wat happen lar....
hw come sud like dat??

angeline-life said...

ya lo...wat happen?? i reali blur...
why suddenly this thing happen again?
haiz...sien la...

jolyne said...

tel lar dey..i wanna know wat happen u din answer...