Monday, May 24, 2010

relationship gets way diff nowadays.
everything changes.
too much of revealing.
and i think its time to keep it down again.

its not something good
its not something dat i wanted.

the feeling is very different.
and i have no idea why.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

23rd may 2010

its been long dat i haven update any post. lol.

bz on work,
bz on hosp,
bz on choosing uni,
bz on sis wedding
bz with alot alot of things ..

but i have no idea wat actually im bz-ing with.
day by day,
and its towards the end of may.

alot of thing keep changing..

and yea. granny getting better already =)

thanks for all the concern from you guys=)

was chit chatting the whole day. from morning until night with my granny.
she's awesome.
really awesome and funny.

when she's telling me her child hood.

from her going to school.
and then there it comes the japanese army. war is going on.
she can remember those incident very well.
and from there, she describe how she is keeping alive from those moment.

and then the end of war.
she stop her school
and start to work
her mum
ask her to get married.
realy marriage
after few years, only she gave birth. lol!! and from there. she describe....
the first son.. how and how.
the second son (my dad) is so handsome and talkative...

so on and on....

and then about the son getting married.
and there is all the grand children comes...
and then...until now....

while massaging her hand, she's telling stories... how the feeling is been felt, no one could know better than me.

im feeling good. proud of what ive did today.

she's great and getting better =)
looking more sexier and sexier. lol

and i hope tomorrow would be better.

you. just know what i wanted to tell you.
feeling bleesed