Monday, July 4, 2011

Sorry that I love u...

I'm in deep shit . I know this shouldn't come at this time .
I start missing you .
Starting to stalk u where I can know u better .
Starting to question why u din reply when u reply late.
Starting not to care your weaknesses .

Where I know this shouldn't happen when I know u still missing her .

Love is difficult .
I think I like u .

Saturday, July 2, 2011


After so long , I decided to post . Wasn't something good.
I'm so stressed up !! Tired moody and super f*ck up :( the distance is getting bigger and bigger .the mre it is the more I feel I'm left out .
Im losing myself .I dunno where is my confidence . I dunno where is the original me . I feel so bad all the time . I feel lonely . All the time I'm alone . This is the now me . I'm imperfect . I'm not rich . I'm not as highly educated . I'm not pretty . I'm just a piece of thing . Perhaps , I'm useless . I'm tired of all this . When I'm really down , I can't even find some one to talk to . True friends ? I think I have to use binocular and find . :( depressed .
I need a total new network so badly !!!