Saturday, December 27, 2008


ivan say this picture nice.(bcz he's the 1 hu set the angle and timer...) how lame.lunch yong is hungry.
ivan,waihow,chai,tang(eu yong)
he say its nice if i bend down and take picture.. what you think??
ivan lurve chai's!! actually chai wan stuck van's mouth v his shoe cz he sing non-stop.
the 3 gilaz...
whrs's ivan?
ta da... the 4 of us.. thnks to wai how for this nice shot=]
ivan:me.-half chai.haha!!
we are bro and sis not couple dun worry.
ivan:you wan YOU CHAR KUEY??
chai: O M G!!
silly chai..haha!!
he havent fully recover ever since he just came out from MENTAL HOSPITAL...haha!!
ppl:tang,chai,ivan,me n how.
and i like this picture.i dont know why.
taken when at "ivan's house"
outing of 26 dec at lucky ten.
the 3 guy..grrr..
ivan tai sai.. wan me stand up and go his place then only can take pic v him...*grrrins*
me and how.
MY RM 300.00 PLEASE.
and me=]
owh.. this is xmas eve exchange prezzie.
yellow bikini from cui ting to sheena=]
jo try to fix it.and fit it..hehe
cerd get fen prezzie.
fen get mine.
but she say it doesnt suit her.
(maybe she dont like it=[)
jo get cerd prezzie.
and i get jo prezzie=]
i din upload lots of picture.. lazy of doing so.. hehe..
and ppl.. if you go bukit cahaya and see ppl walking around.. please dont STARE at them...
because the feeling's like.. grrrrrrr
O M G...haiz..

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