Saturday, January 30, 2010

chinese new year promotion???

bah!!! im looking forward to it. give me 5 more days. il reveal to all of you. hope u'll like it.=]

Friday, January 22, 2010

not in good condition.

feel really tired the very next morning when im awake. mind only lock with work now adays. i really miss school life alot. can skip class or even school whenever we like. now. the responsibility has even be bigger.alot of unwanted thing will happen in and out on the day.

im really not feeling well today. everything goes wrong when my boss received a complain from customer. ya. the next thing is, we are the next victim. no matter what we do/done. in her eyes. we are wrong. condition get worst when she's that type of typical stubborn person. sigh. maybe, this is just the beginning.

learning to be PATIENT is a HUGE thing to take note off all the time.

i just know that everything seems to be very "pek chek" today.

i hate it alot.everything doesnt seems right.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

a quick update.

two more weeks to chinese new year!! omg!
its mid nite now.tired. just back from work.
saw setia eco park boss. dream to be his wife after all with my boss. lol
shall update those picture this sunday. today is... friday. lol!
will take few picture of valentine special.
get my own laptop=]
getting fatter. wtf! haha
getting older=[


........ some times, when thing mean to happen, there's no other any way to stop it to happen. truth is always there. truth is always cruel. just depends on how you settle it and face it.


i wan to buy skirt-___-"""