Friday, December 12, 2008

i woke up 1230 pm ytd.
then i bath
toilet going
and.. i received sheena call...
scene 1:
shin(sheena): hello? whr a u?
me: home.why?
shin: me and ting now at ur house pasar malam.. wan come join us?
me: dowan la.. tired...
shin: what dowan? jz now ask u movie dowan.nw nite market also dowan.apala...
2nd-haven wash hair
3rd-DOMPET NO $.
shin:lame la u. k la. bye

scene 2 your gate.
me:huh??? for wat?
shin:im in front of your house. can you be faster?

scene 3:
me: so how's movie and pasar malam?
shin & ting: biasala.. hot!!
me: ok.. hey.. lets go dinner together.. call cerd and jo pls..

(a few min later)

shin: ok.. all can go.
me:i go bath 1st.
and end up v cerd cant make it cz stomach

then i saw wan ECONOMICAL DINNER
at last end up at STATION1.. lol!!
its expensive though!!finish eating.. around 8.. so we went to aeon to check out at greenbox for xmas eve booking.

i missed a scene.. in ting's car.. this is how it goes..

ting:my test-tube is under your chair(while driving over a bump and makes the thes tube bang into each other.. she's talking to shin actually.hopefully shin can took it up.)
shin: HUH?WHAT?!what are you talking about?!YOUR FALLOPIAN TUBE IS UNDER MY CHAIR?!
what the hell on earth is fallopian tube is under your chair? gosh!! haha!!!!

and there it goes with ting getting "high" when talking about ppl BREAST.. jo.. you know why i purposely put big alphabet rite? hehe...

b4 we get back.. yaya.. there is si kut tau aka yap ching woon aka TE BU.. the new name of her' she cane v ken b4 we get to car!!!

and.. back to home watch movie.. then.... sleep... cz today morning got tt..
so when is break time.. we went to kp.. me n wen go toilet 1st.. so yeen wait outside.when her turn to go.. she pass her car key to wen. wen is cold so i help her take. and when reach food court we happily eat.. and habis liau yeen say wan go mc d.. she bought her nudget i bought my rubber band.. and its time.. so i walk kinda fast back to class.. after i cross the road.. then i saw them.. suddenly wen shouted from opposite road asking weather i got took the car key or not.. and i replied NO.this is when i started to run back to them and ask what happen. yeen key's is not v her..

so i ran and go to food court.. i cant find any black key on then table.. its totally ntg. NOTHING!
gosh.. my heart nearly drop out.. so i went over the next table asking whether they saw or not.. the malay aunt smile and say.. nxt time dont leave your keys around k??ive hand it to the information counter...
OMG.. at that moment i jz felt.. gosh....
thank you to who ever and when ever and what ever...

at last we found back the key...

yaya.. sounds that im really the all-bad people...
next time dun ask ME keep then.
thats all...

im emo the whole day today.

when back i tumpang wen car. suddenly she say wan go sing k. so i offered her a 50 bucks tot of goin green box.. ended up neway and sing from4 to 7.. gosh... its superb omg.. i dont know why. i like no energy now. and SUPER MOODY and i felt that pls bring me home asap. i dont know what happen to me.. gosh..

financial crisis.. ive been really spending alot.ALOT.really alot... haiz...

my feeling now is undescribeable.


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jolyne said...

wei..wat breast u d lor..
not breast