Wednesday, December 10, 2008

penang-genting? gosh.. im tired..

i went to penang for 3 days... 2 nite=]..sat sun then mon.. wanted to meet si kut tau since she's there.. but.. aiyak.. seems to like ma fan her.. so ok. v cancel our meet sorry=]...ok.. this is what makes me sit in the car for 7 HOURS!!jam like hell...gosh..
penang bridge.. its under construction..
then we have this.. yummy.. note the prawn=]
then i went to temple for... praying of i flew off a bird.."fang-sen"
i stop by at gurney for sum picture taking?lol!!my mum is talking to sis in law=]
then i reach our very own apartment=] my view from balcony.. wuhoo!!
looks good.. actually not dat dark.. bcs of my bro car window is damm black so.. hehe
er.. the next day i go..kek lok si.. as i always do..this is the old guannima
view from whr i am with the old statue of guannima=]
this is the new wan... its under construction of the "pondok"
i dont know who on earth teach him this pose.
ya.. i know... i forced him to smile..hahah!!
feel weird why i took this picture? its a things for you to wrote on your wishes and put it there.. then pray hard.. got tamil,eng,chinese,thai and even japanese writing!! wow!! amazing..
oh.. my 2nd sis and johnson
then in the evening.. we went to the bitch.. lol.. okok.. beach.. i meet sumbody there.. but i duno his name.. its qi jia fren too i think.. so this is the parachut.. hehe.. with a smile face=]
and i build tis sand-"castle" lol!! ng su sin made this!! take note ppl.. i never play this kind of things bcz i scared of sea so i wont go beach so.. if no beach means no sand castle.. pls ppl.. i know its sucks.. ive tried my best.. wuahahahkaka!!
my bro johnson n my sis in law
lastly.. i went for cendol=].. look.. its pua chu kang having the!!

lots of pic actually.. but i dowan upload.. will upload genting trip tmr=]... durh... ive been in penang thru out the years.. pls.. no more penang.. but its really a good place.. if you go v my bro ten its better.. cz he will do all the research before i do=]
thanks to family.. too bad my daddy and big sis wasnt there.. or not.. the day will be better.. hehe!!
k.. il stop here.. lazy.. wan go watch movie=]

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helloo~~~~ guess who? LOL.. is RYAN.. =D
psps.. i used this comment as chatbox..
and why dun u have a chatbox? i may spam it! xD well.. how are you? soooooooooo long didnt see liao hahahaha.. still laughing like old times? hahahahahaha..
well link me!! ;)