Wednesday, December 3, 2008


this is especially to our dear!!
ok.. you know what??? im not crazee at all yesterday night.. where i text you.. when you are going home after your swim swim thingy??lol!!

to ivan's theory/law...admirer-like
adore - more like.. izit??
aiya i dont know la.. dont like what hell theory...
ok cut the!!
so.. this is how it goes.. im not going to confess anything but to make things clear up in once and for all..keke...

im true.. its true... all of what ive send to you its all true.. i like you.. i really do.. i meant it...and i LOVE you... i do.. i really do.. you know what i meant by when i say its true right?? i do love you i do miss you i do admirer you i do adore you alot.. ALOT...
and to me.. my theory is simple...
when i say
i love you to you
i miss you to you
i admirer you to you
im crazy over you to you
i adore you to you
its all true..
simply because
.. please.. im not confessing.. i am NOT!! im just telling the truth.. dont get scared..
i know why you dont reply yesterday.. probably you are busy/no creds(impossible)/no time(lie) or simply just scared of me and do not want to reply..
i think the last options make sense..hahax!!

in the same time i like you/love you/admire you/adore you/crazy over you..i too
know why??
i dont know why...
i hate you because i know you.
i hate you when we 1st meet at a1(timberland as your friend)
i hate you when you reply my message
i hate you when you dont reply my message
i hate you when you tyring to say jokes just incase not to make the environment silent
i hate you when you gave me your number
i hate you when we chated online
i hate you when you simply on webcam.. and yet we chat til the next morning
i hate you when you say hi
i hate you when you say bye(i prefer tata)
i hate when you say ive got a motive when i message you
i hate you when you came to my birthday party
i hate you because you gave me the pinky little pig(light) on my 16th birthday(i think so)
i hate when ever i saw you in tuition classes
i hate you when you say you remember nothing at all where il be the only 1 who remembered all those
i hate you because YOU HATE ME

okie.. seems like hate you more than i like you because you... yes YOU IVAN ONG created such a big and full of taste memory to my LIFE...
i really really treasure it when you say WE ARE BEST FRIEND... because i really hope we are...

and i hope you meant it...
know what??il kept this "HATE & LOVE" forever in my heart cause you were one in my life...
in this life.. ive only got once got you this friend name IVAN ONG JIAN HAU...
i would like to welcome all those hate and love from you to my life for future again...=]

ohya.. b4 i 4get.. i hate you being late..haha!! i bet every1 does..keke=] please be punctual..hahah

i treasure you alot.. and...
i like this picture too...>>
i dont know where this picture come from=]

friends forever=]

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angeline-life said...

i donno wat happen 2 u...but i hope u try ur best 2 be happy..
and muz be happy always...
anyway if got any thing or nit sum1 juz call me or msg me... i will always 4 u.