Saturday, October 17, 2009

busy lately

count down.......
30 days left to meet my 4 "husband"
i love u baby... i really love u... u were the one and THE ONLY ONE... ER.. i do mean.. u were the only FOUR... lol!!! yeah.. my babe "history" my dear "general paper" my sweetheart "econs" and my darling "bm" paper.. there u go man... i love u all so so much... i hope u love me too... as time pass by.... i hope u see the love in me... haha!!!

siau!! im really siau!!! haha
yeah!! im siau!!!

blah... i dont even know what the hack m i doing now.

i hate this part right here!! its S-U-C-K-E-D!

blah... jia you jia you jia you...

i spoiled my phone. its now at hospital i think...sigh. its bcz of something... i ... blah. ok ok. i throw my phone. but never tot it would be that serious injured.

i din tell mum.and i told her i might be buying a new phone. this fon with me only 4 months i think. i love my phone. but at the same time i hate it when it restart + auto-off + hang + alarm din get work every single morming when i need to go skul.

got no fon currently. so using my second phone.
i cant live without music!! haiz. but its a good choice. i do not need to spend my time on it for this up coming two months.

pls devil... dont "seduce" me.
i need "it" for my future undertaking.

god bless me.
god bledd every one.

not going to celebrate birthday. cz cannot go out yet dont wana waste other ppl time jz bcz of my birth-day.

p/s: celebrate junior birthday testerday. tired and funny thats the only words can describe.