Wednesday, December 17, 2008

no pic.writing.

i was still deciding.. whether to send that mail or ont.. ive been thinking and thinkind.. he's back today.. shall i?? haix..this is crazee..

i cannot understand what am i thinking out from 11 til 7 today.. at hict library.. super lonely super silent but at least i get to study.=]im happie.
tmr will be another day for me to spend at hict library.
i think il get my self 1 spec i cant see the writing anymore.haiz!
now suppose to be at cheras pasar mlm.. too bad no car.. *grrr* its ok la.. next time ba=]

and i think i better get myself a new memory card for MY BRAIN.yea...MY im losing my memory.. dun say study.. funny conversation that i want to blog in i also forget.. lol

actually i only remembered few..the PERVERT 1
lol.. im not but cui ting aka rooftop is/!!
she will get excited when talk bout up up down down..hahah!!
its at.. erm mc i think..ya. mc d.. we were talking bout long. then suddenly rough suddenly ting come up with
EXPAND AND STAND UP(with action she show her finger)
people.. nah.. this is cut!! dont think she's xi xi man man.. she is a tiger actually..hahah!!!
when i say she is.. i really meant it..hahaz!!

lol!! then come all those.. hm.. when there is cui ting.. there is... HAMSAP conversation...

ok.. another 1...
ting : i later wan go back home to take "chuo aii" to exchange with the pasar malam ppl...
me,shin,cerd,jo,fen:WHAT?you want to MAKE LOVE with pasar malam people?(nah.. i was just creating it)
suppose to be

ting: later i wan go exhange "zuo aii"
5 of us: what?! what MAKE LOVE?! YAYA.. there's ting.. back to normal.. she's high again!! hahah!!

and yeah... the "THE " day we are facing.. this pop out when we talk bout cerd aka si kut tau blog.. her title"the cave" lol..
so we started and ENDED with the "the" too...
the toes.. the hair.. the blog.. the picture.. the water.. the mc d.. and the NIPPLE...
ya.. started by ting again.. there she go...

clipping with the hair clipper(paperclip) to clip on ppl breast.. ops.. nipple.. lol!!

ok.. people who under 18.. dont learn / practice this at home.. those action need!!

and.. seriously.. meeting BECOME OUTING..
lol.. same same la.. still got 'ing-ing' ma right??hheheeee...

really have fun actually..
and IM BROOK!!!!pls so kesian=[

this fri-outing to sunway probably will have dinner at "zen mai".. still planing=]

actually.. lots more to write.. too bad.. i really lazy and forget..

ps.. wen..s t o p saying sorry.. hehe.. cz im the 1 who should say sorry=]

oh.. i get complain..from my didi..TEE THIAM CHAI.. happie belated burthday..hehe.. when will you be coming back? really miss you and hope can meet up soon=]

and i msg kah keen(my senior).. he was asking come "kim hong" wasnt inside your blog.."
lol.. i know i ans him rudely.. i replied.." why should i?"
haha!! i dont mean it actually=]

and yea.. here is kim hong..
i too text him today.. asking him how he is.. thanx to him.. he ask me to chill out and ENJOY my last year of schooling day.. hehe... ok... il take your advice..

play hard and study hard=]

i think i will email him after i finish this post.
i cant able to lost him.. ppl said.. chill.. still got 1 year.. but to me.. only half year.. cz june junior will come and register already... this aint good sign(girl junior)..
know what i mean right?hm..

but back to faith.. not mime means not mine.
il let him know rather then keeping it inside....

still.. should i?

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