Wednesday, December 3, 2008


okie.. sheena asked me out for a movie.. erm.. ytd nite?? ya... so..this morining went to ga=randma house.. then rush back home for a nice bath.. so i reach jj about.. 1240?? hm...oya.. sheena booked 3pm twilight.. as what i wish to see..
seriously at first i wouldnt know what type of movie would that be.. so ended up sheena told me it was a vampire sort movie.. so im like.. what the.. but she said not scary..ok
movie started 3pm.. yea.. and please people.. you've got to watch this freaking awesome movie!! please!! go!!! haha!! this movie is really nice. instead of waiting for the twilight 2 i think il get a book..
too bad.. they "cut" off the scene of kissing... you know la.. malaysia..hmp.. so sheena say maybe she'll get a... dvd?? ya.. il borrow from her!!

edward(the vampire) he is really omg.. i love him=] simply adore.. lol.. and serious... his character , voice , teeth suits to be the vampire=]
he's sweet..ya.. sweet and PROTECTIVE..gosh...

and thanks to sheena burthday present(elianto nail polish) hhaa!!
lurve it=]

ok.. tata every1.. goin to watch movie now.. home!!

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susinngsusin said...

sorry.. its a xmas present..haha!! i type it wrongly cz i was sending a burthday msg to sumbody