Wednesday, December 17, 2008


this is what we called you believe what's called meeting?bah!!haha!! nothing special... its better.. we never sleeepppp as usual..haha!!cerd's result.. SO CHA!!!!sau pei la..haha!!
back to my house.. and this is what had happen to my bed and my room.. kesian me.. wakaka!! ntg happen actually=]

when jo is preparing.. when cerd is testing..hehe
actually.. she's not insane... she's just a little bit of crazy.. yaya.. CRAZEE!! haha.. she's staring at me actually cz i tease her.(i forget what ive said)
my leg cerd hand.. haha!! terbalik sorry.. my leg cerd hand...oh? terbalik again..okok.. my hand cerd leg.. im correct now dont i??
ya.. another insane.. ops!! sorry.. crazee..hehe!!but it looks really nice.. i like this picture..hehe!!hair clip?nah!!paper clip..
the SIX OF US=]
hah!! there we go.. ing-ing.. rooftop,smalleyes,big mouth,pdi!!
thanx to fen 4 this pic=]
im.. er.. im... er...haha!!hate this picture!!but fen look nice..hehe
si kut tau.. ops.. its te bu and me..haha!! looking at another camera actually=]
yaya.. thanks to jo!!*grr*
looks yummy? it is.. but when you "make" it.. it was like.. *ergh*
"get high get high"!!fir!!
"put ur hands up!put ur hands up!"lol
fen ting jo shin sin cerd
the blurz..
oh??ya!! regarding to this!! i want to complain!! i cannot "sing out loud" according to the stupid glass..grrr actually cannot hear from outside de
fen ting jo
ops!! me n cerd.. whr's shin?
ans...lost in space=]

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