Friday, September 18, 2009

im back!!!

phew!!! i know i know its been a long long long time iv ever update... haha!!! not goin to update much cz my eyes were really dry... just back from 5 hours class non stop... hm.. something to "pen" down actually...

1st- i hate you and you!ya you!!! im being fooled.. both of u sucks to the max!!!hahahahahahahahaha! u made me moody. fcu*

2nd- gosh.. trial is over... result improve i think but still kinda *sucks* lol!!

3rd-to my bestie : paise la.. im having trial.. kinda abandoned ul.. promise si kut tau next time go pasar malam k? and this tue if nt going to have lunch with ul, im sorry k? haha

4th-u annoyed me. serious.

5th- i hope u can depends on yourself during exam k? hm...

6th-i got lots of post haven post up..wakaka!!!

7th-waiting for mte and mppte.. wow!!!

8th-im going to make a promise to my self to go all out for my stpm. if i turn ugly. pls dont critisize me haha!!!im going to "all-in" this time. haha!!!no matter wat result i get, i hope im ok with it. karma on result? i believe so...haha

9th-my mum approve for me to take nail art this dec!!!! my 7 years dream come true!!!! if i graduate on that course, im going to "big big celebrate" wakaka!!!

10th- im leaving "school" .... haiz.. no more uniform . no more school shoes . no more teachers no more canteen no more table chairs no more mural no more school politics no more nasir no more najib no more pn yap no more fatihah no more hanafisah no more library no more dewan putra no more pengajian am no more economics no more muet no more bahasa melayu no more facing public nuisance no more history and of course NO MORE MR RAMA!!!!muahahahaha*sounds evil?* biasa la tu... haha

but the most sad is.. leaving frenz... and few juniors... like @@@ , ### , $ , %%% and *** haha... simply type only lar... lol!!! i mean the symbol k? zzzz...

and im leaving 19 going 20... phew... have to HAVE TO really grow up.... increase both iq and eq is te most important=] jia you all stpm 2009 candidates.

kita sama sama all in okay? haha!!!

a sight is just a sight.but a KISS is always a kiss.