Wednesday, December 17, 2008


ok.. this is super weird why i post this rite?lol!! ya.. this is shit!! lol!!damm it i saw it when mon morning waiting for tuition teacher at a1...kakax!!and this... i told you rite? so random?NO!!it happens thru out all the morning!! damm ppl..pls USE BRAIN TO PARK!!
oya... this is sun.. means b4 mon...i went kp.. meet up v jo.. waiting for.. Y2J aka sen mu yi tong.. hehe.. so many ppl.. ren san ren hai..hehe!!

can you tell me which 1 is GIRL and which 1 is BOY? weakakaka!!!
hm. fyi.. i dont know why the person i treasure alot always LATE!! haha!!
and im f**ing tired to blog.. grrr...*no mood*
oya!! b4 i 4get.. on mon.. after class i went lunch v cerd cz ting cant come shin also cant and fen cant AND jo DOWAN come!! grrr.. and YAP CHING WOON let me waited for ONE AND A HALF HOUR!! lol...
luckily that day not so hot.. its ok la
forgive her.. she "tat chia"..*grr*

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