Friday, December 19, 2008 title.

lol...he's name is pow pow.. he is 4 this year.. today is the 1st day he join my house dolly member..hehe.. yaya.. he is the 8tv "mascod"

my bro get this actually.. according to his anual dinner.. his secretary gave him this.. its actually the secretary husband.guess who is he? lol.. he's the dj of
i not so sure his name is JJ or RUDY..basically he is.. abit fat.. and he is indian.. and he is botak..keke!! thanks..powpow is cute=]
but my bro feel weird of receiving this "special" xmas present..lolok.. proven i go library n LEPAK..haha!!
worst.. i went today.. abit early.. 1030.. 1pm the ppl there say close..gosh.. i din bring fon how to called back home? so ended up borrow from the ppl there... thanks=]
ok.. im not siau of posting this BELL here.. those PROPERTIES belong to MISS LIM.haha!!in order of shout(which is rude) in class asking the student to keep quiet.. so she bought this to kept us
nah.. the siauz...
after tuition.. went sp v cerd and
this is sorry.. its ching woon... huh? wrong again?okok.. i think she is
huh?! wrong again? so who is she?
okok.. she's si kut!!
this is me.. yaya.. i went plastic surgery... so.. i become so slim.. pls ppl.. dun say im FAT already k?ergh!!
(actually the picture is jo aka tau kak ka tio) haha!!

sushi zanmai.. ppl.. i miss the food there.. thanks to cerd bring me go=] its freaking go ppl and fill ur tummy ops.. stomach there=]

ok.. enough of yummy..
xmas is around the corner..MERRY CHRISTMAS IN ADVANCE people=]
and i saw this actor.. she's.. tvb punya actor..(i duno her name)
actually.. yesterday go sp main is to accompany cerd buy new year cloth.. and also jo la of cz.. at last.. me this no$ gal buy the most.. i bought 2 shirts again. 1 mng purple/meron shirt and 1!!

cerd bought 1 tube dress at roxy...its expensive but ok la.. she can afford..hehe!!
SHE RICH MA..forget to inform.. her daddy give her RM500 for shopping yesterday..and her mummy add RM50 again..omg rite??
ppl.. go rompak her

we walk from freeking 6 hours at sp... erm... from 3pm to 10!!! imagine you are wearing sandals and walk for the freeking 7 hours... take my mia only..but its ok.. happie good.
so.. i search for my -going to buy nike!!i found that.. but no $ to buy=[!! i want that shoe!! its nice.. its white with gold nike mark on it.. haiz.. it will bring my mum there..

and jo found her loveble jeans at cost... 240 if im not mistaken.. really nice when she wear it.. most importantly she feel comfortable.. and i can 100% SHE LIKE/LOVE IT ALOT!! also.. the guy that serve us.. hm.. he is.. hm.. yummy.. handsome actually... and.. ok.. i smell stop it!!*kaka*

left out.. jo bought a shirt at asia!! its expensive but really nice.. trust me. its nice=] we went around and see seeeeeeee...

so i saw this shop out of all sudden..the shop name is.. the dots.. it creats a legend for us(me jo n cerd).. know why??
il tell you..

me:eh.. go there c lo...
cerd,jo:kia la..

so.. cerd is on my left and jo on my right.. i look deeply so i bent down abit(cz i cant see according to my eye situation)

so.. so.. so.. jo also bend.. i duno how on earth she bend... i suddenly i heard "BEAAAAAAAAG"!!!...

IT FREAKS ME OUT!! i tot what happen...
i could not talk on that words can come out from my mouth.i really want to speak but i cant i dont know why...
BECAUSE on that super very moment,


for that super very 2min.the whole situation on asia avenue is ok the "hahaha" which my voice and cerd voice flattering around.. wrong
no voice no laughter.only its too sounds to be produce.
got la.. 1 miserable and random sound which produce by jolyne. not 1 is 2..
a) *baaaaeeeng*
b) OUCH!!


and for the rest of the going-on shopping.. il be the 1 who produce-haha noice.

its so SUPER FUNNY!! haha!! kesian jo..
the whole asia avenue ppl was looking at her.. even got two guys shake their head bcz they too feel _omg_ for jo... haha

oh!!forgot.. the ppl who working on the "the dots" shop...i think he is the owner.. he is kinda abit chubby and wearing smart and the most important he is ON PHONE.
imagine what he will respond on jo's-happening? haha..
cerd imagine
a)jump out from chair and find for aid box.
c)after finish on phone(he ask to hang up call 1st cz got some reason) he laugh like nobody else on earth...
i still cant imagine how funny was that. and it happens right beside me! gosh...

full of laughter and tired and leg pain shopping day.

what you wear sometimes really affect your too reveals your personality.
what we wear really can change our very own fasion statement.

p.s.dont laugh at jolyne lau huey shien anymore.

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