Friday, December 12, 2008

genting trip

im at paris??? NAH!! genting!!
me and jo.. erm.. i not so remember where are we to took this picture=]
then we go chiong k.. this is what they serve us.. its sup.. insie got rice.. hm.. ok ok la the taste
mei sze,jo,ke li,ki lee.(if im not mistaken they name spells that way=])
7 sumtin.. pm of!!
then we went "circus" its crowded.. and you can find alots of pro there.. pro of bkb and stuff.. and this pic show all.. lol.. they are so "tak sabar-sabar nya" hahah!!
look carefully.. there's human in this picture.. hehe...
me and jo again.. she look pale!!
mid nite we went starbucks.. and i bought this cold drink.. im not crazy!!lol
the next morning.. she slept for the 2nd round.. hm.. she look sweet=]
when she woke up... i love this picture.. i dont know why.. maybe we both look "FRESH"

then we went for breakfast... this is my cup of tea=]
then here comes the dim sum...
lastly.. when we at car... we took this pictue.. i love this picture too... maybe makes us look "WINDY" wakaka!!

b4 heading back.. we went for bowling.. lol!!

b4 i end this blog.. i would like to thanks to my parents who let me go.. and financial support.. o.. my bro!!
and also JOLYNE PARENTS cz he let us enjoy premier roon in highlang hotel for us..hehe.. he too fetch us there.. its cool its amazing its fun!! hehe.. i enjoy this trip=]


susinngsusin said...

paise!! its not paris.. its new york!! hahah!!!

jolyne said...

wei..not highlang hotel type wrong...tao kak ka tio ah..haha...