Wednesday, November 19, 2008

what a...

ok.. i sleep at 4 the day i do my last blogging.. its crazy!!lol!!
its been a heptic day these days i dont know why.. weather change like nobody business.. its... hm... weird!!!

xmas coming
new year coming
chinese new year coming too!!lol!!

what a year... thinking back its really scary.. time passes so so so quickly... working for sharp 3 months at cimb under alliance then at the same time work at sub... until chinese new!!!
got 1 week break and go for ns!!! horrible terrible and vegetable night mare!!!

its omg~~~ but anyway.. 3 months reallhy meant so much thing for me.. its a crazy memory i tell u!!!but i dont think i want to post the pix.. im lazy!!!lol!!

then then then.. rush back for school reopen.. form 6 life.. hm... ive been send to acs.. then doing some sort of transaction to asstikay continue my "school life".. its crazy!!
not only all about study in this school but mainly about activities.. its really again very very crazy!!

exam exam exam study study study and activities activities activities through iut this year.. what a year for me.. until now.. havin holiday but its like.. omg!! its really omg... yet.. im.. er..
hm.. looking back at those things that ive been thru.. feel that im growing!!

congrats to myself..keke!!!!

emailing with bith of my sister which 1 at singapore and another 1 at aussie.. im feeling good.. i hope this feeling can continue... hehe. means i do not want them to come back.. specially my second sis!! lol!!!! im bad i kno.. but if im saying this bad which can improve our sister-ship then i hope this will forever remain to me... but... too bad.. she's coming back this 28.. er.. few more days left... grrr.. i dowan her to be back..kakax!!

this morning. second sis call bac... hm...guess what? her result is out..she PASS ALL!!
congratz to her then!!!! now shes' officially a!!

its happie for her and my family and all my relative!! but.. to me.. its another big big stress!!!!
the whole family up up down down left me alone which haven graduate!!!!ergh!!!!
let me list:
1~my big cousin-an engineer(um)
2~his wife-it (um)
3~my 2nd cousin-professional it(um)
4~cousin sister-management in degree(1st class honour)-ukm
5~my bro-business and finance in degree(senior manager in cimb)-uni of aus
6~his wife(my tai so)~designer-senior manager in interior design.
7~my big sis- business n finance in degree-senior manager in singapore.uni of london
8~her husband-electrical engineering in singapore(pensonic)
9~my second sis-a lawyer-1st class honour in aussie
10~me.. nothing=[ nt even diploma...

im typing those not to show off.. but to prove how small n useless i am.. ergh!!!!
dying me!!!

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