Wednesday, November 26, 2008

im back!!haha

ok.i went to malacca. and ive just reach home.
date :25.11.2008
place to gather : hsk
depart : 830 sharp!!
reach famosa :11.00 am
get ticket and get in!!me and wai bus.we sit the last different with riding hourse.ok.this is what happen after the next half an hour inside the bus.GAMBLING!!this is the place. A FAMOSA ANIMAL WORLDok.this is erm..duno la!!!but zhi zhong and kok thai that gang very bad go disturb them!!
ok. a picture is taken before we went in to the multi-animal show.this is the cow-boy show 'tearther'!!i only manage to capture the view.not the show. they are really good in the song played and their action.
me too going to the bird show. those bird were really bird and really awesome!!lol!!!
how come they didnt train burung gagak??lolpls dont look at me like that. im emo-ing!!busy-ing.*excuse me excuse me!!* not inside jail but truck!! ready to "hunt" for the wilds=]ok. i dono wht is their name but they are from south africa.pls dun disturb them=]pato-ingi know im sexay!! pls dun look at me like that. pls pay!!ok.bye a famosa wild world=]

after that we straight went to town erm.. and we reach about 5??? ya. 5pm..JONKER WALK!!=]
walk and walk and find and find and at last we found this shop.and i ordered..
"calanthe curry mee?" ya..alanthe currry meeeee.a cup of my melaka coffee=]yummy!!this is the wish i wrote when we finish our dinner at that restaurant and hang it on the xmas treewe walk about 20 min after dinner and we pass by this boat to DATARAN PAHLAWAN.wee wen,sueh yeen,me and wai quan. we at menara TAMING SARI. this place rock and cool!!... try to have a ride on it for only 10 bucks 7 min=] the whole view of melaka will under your feet=]me and my cousin.look at those view!!beautiful isnt it?this is what happen when we went brands outlet... omg.. few of us.. erm around ten went to try all thise glasses...
isnt that good?? we help you to promote your sunglasses=]lol!!!ok..this is when we took before we went back to at villa no3=] no.955.. lol...but my cousin is in villa 1.. so bored=[our own villa got our own swimming pool.. this choryau a!!! put on luggage straight jump into the pool.. as well as us=]
frm behind: lih yann,kai jun,junxiang,zhi zhong,shangkaran.chua ,chor yau ,sui leng ,me,sueh yeen n wai quan=]this pic whr wee wen ang jeannie join in=]
guys behind kisiau=]
oya... when we jump into the pool.. its amost 11 sumtin.. then we swam and play and teach each other until midnite.. we learn ballet too=] then we go bath around 1am...
our dear chor yau make us tea and coffee after his bath=]THANKS=]the 2nd day... morning view=]our villa personal poollast day... 26.11.2008.
havin laksa and cendol at jonkey walk too... lol.. then went to mall after that.. i bought a pants and a shirt...haha.. happy shopping me=]

we have our pillow talk too.. on the 1st nite..hehe.. me , sueh yeen. wee wen, wai quan. and MARILYN(chor yau) he join us for gossip, football and girlie pillow talk until 5am this morning.haha!!!

the next day, we turn chze hsien(my cousin) into MARIA.. they both marilyn and maria called me MUM!!

we left malacca at 4pm.. reach klg 8pm...omg rite?? im damm tired and im really a PURE PANDA!!help!!
signing off..


jolyne said...

wer's my souvenir??

慧雯 said...

our pic so nice!!!!haha.....