Friday, November 28, 2008

shopping??rm200 for 2 hours??lol!! about yesterday punya yesterday first... erm. let pic prove everything=]ok. this is my mama!!hehe.. she geng right?? 1 hand 1 phone!!! her business really very very big!! hehe!!! on house phone is 2nd aunt. handphone is my last aunt. she always did this=]

oyy.. previously i said that my sis came back right??hm...there..she bought this for me...ok.. cotton on shirt and a ripcurl handbag=] luvre it!! thank you=]and this is from my bro.. hong kong esprit=] thankyou=]
ok.. i bought this from malacca when i go shop around=].. black shirt and pants=] thank you to myself=]
ok.. this is where it goes.. i borrowed ms lim bonuslink card so i get those stuff for extra discount=]hehe!!! a white blouse from world of cartoon , a sub skirt,a white shirt from erm.. duno whr and a half brown pants=]
lastly a short pants=] lol.. and these... my pencil box.. i bought it from esprit.. wasnt that expensive but i really lurve it alot!!!!! wow!! thanx to my self to go for shopping and special thanks to my PARENTS!!...
because they earn so so so much money for me!!! haha!! i smell fishy i know.. but its ok=]

ok.. we (me and wee wen and sueh yeen ) went to shop for cloths after class.. means after miss lim class from erm... 230 til 530?? ya.. that was my class!!

then i rush back home to take my purse to go shopping(special thanks to qi jia) because he fetch me home just to take the purse=] lol.. then.. marilyn come meet us.. with his mum of course..hehe!! then sueh yeen with her kinda not good mood have went back home left me and wee wen shop for new year cloths=].. i spend 140 sumtin and wee wen spend!!! its cool man!! haha!!! we shop from 6pm to 8pm.. wakaka!!!!

plan to but 1 green shirt for miss lim but too bad its out of budget=]...
so again thanks to miss lim for helping me getting so much discount for what ive purchase=] the bonuslink card of course=].... il return to you next fri..hope il remember.. haha!!!!im sorry that i forgotten to bring cause i put it on my purse.. and i didnt bring it to class today.. but its ok la.. ive collected 1000point for you my dear miss lim.. cz what ive spend and collected the point will be 5times.. so enjoy it miss lim=]

again...A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO miss lim, wee wen, my bro, both of my sis, and my parents=]

and many many more=]

love ul lots!!

to jolyne. im sorry . u a having exam so no shopping.
to fen. u a working so. sorry no shopping.
to shin. you din reply. i tot u a gone lol!! so no shopping. n i know u wont go=]
to cerd.. too bad u at penang.. shop over there la=]
to ting.-im lost=]

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