Tuesday, November 18, 2008


ok.. its kinda late i know.. but i haven get to sleep yet... i cant sleep.. but i kno im kinda tired.. i duno y.. i feel dat im kinda useless nowadays.. ergh!!im feeling bad regarding i cant woke up early n i cant get myself to study... same old prob came bac to me again.. i duno wat to study i duno i shud study frm whr n i duno how to put/find a suitable n comfortable place 4 me to study.. probably il find it good enough to stay at ops convent dat public library.. dats da best place eva!!
malacca trip next tues.. i feel lke goin but at da same time i dun feel like goin..i duno y,.. i rather spend my time at home waiting 4 silence n boring 2 visit me than goin out n spend hundreds of bucks.. its kinda stupid rite??ergh!! financial prob again...pls.. m'sia econ...grr!!
but i reli wan go genting v my ji mui all.. i reli hope every1 can make it.. it seems nice... probably we do not need to pay 4 da hotel???lolx!!v a staying thr 4 free!!! so i rather take this opportunity to go thr.. for a good air breeze.but!!!!not theme park.. reli a nono thnx alot!!! yet pls nono 4 lagoon too!! i hate lagoon!!n reli i do hate it!! pls dun ask me y... i feel dat goin lagoon is sucks!!!
probably beaches n genting would be comfortable 4 me... as da same amount of $ i rather plan 4 nice trip than lagoon o sum suckie place.
p/s.. sorry to those who like lagoon.. but i jz cant pursuade myself to move on v it!!
ok.. im craping from jz nw til now... reli not in mood n i duno wat i shud have done v it.. im all alone in this room... whr "silence n boring" came visit me again!!! im sleeping all da day long but not nite.. can sum1 jz drag me out of it??
n i think its time 4 me to...half give up.. shundnt i???
signing off!!he din online=[

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