Sunday, November 30, 2008


LOL!! im so happy today.. really dont know how to explain my true feeling.. haha!!!
1st.. i want to thanks to my dear WEE WEN & BEAR=]
you both made my day man=] thank you so so much.. wen.. i dont know how to put it on words but i really really feel so so so thanks to you... luckily you manage to tell siong siong that i really wish to go.. and thanks to siong siong again cause he never angry or hiam me to follow him to go!!! i know im a BIG LAMPOST kakaka!!thank thank thank thank you!!!!!! haha!!! thanks too fetching me home and purposely come fetch me to there.. lol!!! i know i disturbed both of you!! i promise i wont next time.. lalala..haha

reach eaon then they(wee wen and siong siong) bring me to see.. ahem..!!it wasnt that good because you never even say "hi" to me.. gosh.. i feel so so omg.. im not invisible man!! lol.. suddenly wen say wan go toilet.. after come out from toilet you pulak suddenly say
"er.. sorry ar.. just now FORGOT to say hi to you.. hi...."
im like.. what the....
lol.. ok ok "hi" i replied...
gosh this is so shit.. i never knew how to face/handle this king of situation... so FARNY!!

haha!!!i wanted to try the demo when you ask...(if you are the 1 who guide me) but i told wen that if he would be the model which lie on the floor...wakaka!! i smell fishy i know... but no choice..kakax!!

im not that bad when go shopping that time.. yaya.. thanks to siong siong that choose a yellow shirt for me... he said that if i wear it.. sure hc will notice me.. yaya i added with purple hills and a green i know im colourful... but im not clown!!!

actually im sorry wee wen and siong siong because both of you'll follow where i go.. gosh.. this was like... im sorry..haha.. make both of you lost direction.. actually i still feel weird that i follow both of you'll abd become big lampost..kakax!!!

thanks for everything today.. but seriously i feel so so so tired today thats is why i went out from the giordano shop just now.. i feel so uncomfortable there..

and too bad that siong siong have to ga back so early.. or not can have dinner with him already.. at least some chatting will do...
anyway.. thanks to amitabha,jesus,allah and what so ever because god.. you guys made my dreams come true=].. yaya.. i wrote my wish on blog before i get to know i can go=]

oya.. weewen and siongsiong said that his hair was like soooooo ugly.. its ok... to me you are the best no matter what hairstyle o costume you were in.. gosh.. you were really yeng today!!! are really cute=]lol.. too bad.. you are.. kinda.... kinda.. shoooooooorrrrrt..hahahahahaaha sorry!!!!

and i just finish my steamboat.. il upload it soon when im not that lazy=]

hm.. hope you have a nice day...sweet dream and have a warm night ever after.. i know you must be tired little chairman because you handle such a big event today... congrats you've done well on this event=]
gambatte gudasai!!

hope can understand you more...the distance between us is really very very far...
i think im really missing you...

toodles...tired me=]

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