Wednesday, November 19, 2008

move it?!!!!

ok!! this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i went to watch movie with my little cousin and his whole family.... 7 included me... 920pm movie... its omg!!lol!! im relli damm damm happie cause can watch that show at last!! lol!! im eally happy!! ok... its funny its omg its.. cute!! and its huge!!haha... if u wacth.. u kno wat i mean bout huge!!
the name is funny.. moto-moto... for the lau ah ma.. she's amazing!!haha!!! cant believe that she that great!!lol!!!!
whoever havent watch.. its a must to watch.. ul laugh til ur teeth drop!!lol!!! its touching other than funny.. its a great show.. il give the rate as 9/10... it wouldnt be full marks.. cz nothing in this world is perfect..=]

here's a pix for ya when i finish the movie...

ok.. this is my cousin. youngest cousin of my last aunt=] i kno he is fat... but he is really fat!! lol!!!
time passes so fast .prove? xmas tree behind my cousin.=]

then when im browsing my phone.. i saw these pic whr i reli wanted to put it here.. there it goes=]
he is awesome.. wat u think??lol!! he is having his ice-cream(chocolate) its!! my nephew... jack!!nice shot rite??lol.. n my mum scolding me of not wiping it out for him.. yaya~my

another pix probably...ok... i know this isnt good to publish him here.. but look at him.. he feels so comfortable!!! he always do that...whenever and!!!love him alot*muaxmuax*
ok.. this is the elder brother of jack.. its elder.. im not typing wrongly.. its.. erm.. 3 years back???probably!! his name johnson... he is fair enough n cute enough.. most important..he is most naughty in this house...grrr.. he is not the only 1 but also his younger bro..jack...

ok.. i tink dats it.. enough 4 my family!! shud have sign off already.. have to study my littke cutie HISTORY!!=]
bye 4 now=]

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