Saturday, November 15, 2008

happy belated burthday to memememeem!!!! hehe

wow!! wat a busy day today!! wake up 8 then continue to oi oi til ten cz kacau by my uncle bringing my stupid!! do sum econ's work.. finally.. go swim!!! yeah!!! actually its 3.. then my aunt duno y cum fetch at erm... 345>??? grrr.. its ok.. i oni manage to swim for.. 40min?? = 20 lap???zzzz.. so rush til cant go sauna.. its ok.. then.. erm.. here v go...find fen since jo haven reach.. haha.. then.. er...from neway change to!!!!! cerd late.. sheena mur late!! jam!!! haiz.. kesian they all...

suddenly feel everytin so weird... o.. hehe.. they give me a surpirse belated burthday=]
its cool though!!! hehe!!!muax to all of u!! v sing n dance n shout at green box. its like omg!!! ended up like nobody eating da dinner.. lol!!! this i prove u by pic.. hehe

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