Sunday, November 23, 2008

subang parade?

ok.. i woke up.. erm.. 1115 am today?? lol!! been waking up kinda early for the previous 2 days.. so...sleep more awhile.. hm.. ok.. then..after having my breakfast my bro force me to follow him to subang parade!!ive been using alot of reason to push it... and at last.. i make it.. by going!ergh!!!

so.. this is what ive been taking up throughtout the whole journey.. and its really a very hot day today..1st we when tumbletots

ok.. this is where it is... its really a good program for little kids.. if you do have sista/bro pls do try to bring them here..its really a very good programme=]
but 1 thing i hate is the service. my sis in law went in today. gosh!! the girl face who serves us like ppl owe her thousand billion like that. her attitude was like shit furthermore her personality!! probably she wan s** but her bf dowan so her mood is bad today.. damm her!!! il sure e-mail to the boss and complain her kau kau!! watch and see!!hmp!!

ok.. then we went toy's r us... nowadays lack of children will go there.. maybe because of bad economics?? these two naughty king went to their sports car and have a nice ride.. lol!!ok.. then they change car.. too much $ so they can afford to buy so many many!!!
*beep beep*
ok.. after a whole tiring ride.. then we went to... secret recipe?? ya.. because johnson say want to enjoy nice creamy chocolate!!this is when i took while waiting for... the cake!!
ok.. on our way back to car park.. this is what we saw..hehe!! fruit stall with various fruits.. yaya.. im crapping but look at these grapes... its small!! really small as in really small in size!! lol!!! another picture to prove...look!! its a bunch and the size is within a palm of mine!!lol!!! and most importantly.. its taste nice=]
oh!! b4 i 4get.. the seller said that its the typr to make champange lol!!

fyi!! before i get off to subang thanks for cerd(si kut tau) of being wanted to bring me to pavllion/time square... im sad that i cant make it... lol
k.. signing off now...

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