Sunday, November 16, 2008

the mice?!

okay!! 1st of all.. i wana say a big THANK YOU to cerdwin parents.. cz they bo hiam me.. n take care of me thru out this whole journey n make sure i din!!
i slept at 5am!! n wake up at 8 am.. gosh.. then i sleep bac again..hehe!!msg cum.. its jo n chai.. telling me dat ivan bz today so plan cancel.. so i continue sleep.. even thrs msg.. i dun care.. sleep til.. 12?? ya.. then called up si kut tau(cerdwin) then prepare to go book exhibition at da!!

go breakfast near da mice.. hm..shub b lunch + breakfast.. cz v havin it at 3 n for sure.. v did took sum pix!! lolx..

this is b4... saw "kenwin"? she claiming dat its her n ken wisma.. bhbnya!!!
this is when v arrive... florence si kut tau n me...(florence.. u reli pretty.. n u do remember me.. sorry i 4got
ok.. this is cerd n gerald... he is so naughty..hehe!!n wan to sit da "dog" lol.

ok.. this it is...
its damm damm damm many ppl... ren san ren hai!!!!

look at this!! high school musical 1 & 2 in chinese version!!
okay.. weird rite y cerd take pic v a quite old man... he is not oni an old man.. he is a super good malaysian chinese comic writer!!!!beliau (lol) on da spot draw da pix of his creation 4 ppl hu buy da book..da topic is "lui lian kong zhu". its good! he's good=] n superb frenly=]c!!!! i told u rite?? he is awesome!!! hehe.. nonid 2 min he finish 1 drawin.. wow!!

ok.. she's happie v it...
lol!!!! mei li de ku niang!!!!!!!!
ok.. this is wat happen when i leave her alone!!!kesian punya siau mei mei!!!
can u pls behave?!please behave urself?!everyday doremon n sin chan...heiyo!! sumur bring them home..omg!!!!
ok.. this is children world... hm!! let me tell u sumtin.. a big secret... ppl call cerd MAMA this time!!! lol!! how funny was it.. omg.. since when??lol
ok..took this pic b4 goin bac..hehe... ppl say da ballon(love shape) nice instead of cerdwin nice!!! wakaka!!this is wat happen when yap yap force me to!!!!erh!!!
ok.. thnx to cerd parents again... my dinner.. i eat.. erm.. spicy chicken ramen if im not mistaken.. it doesnt taste dat!!!

so.. dat is it.. d end of!!!!

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