Sunday, November 9, 2008


wow.. sice da las update.. been month.. haha... exam... mte's mp... tuition... celebration...novel.. sorts of grrrrrrrrrrrrractivities.. haha.. im i pass all da sub.. xcpt... econ... i cant believe i can fail... cz i kno da ans totally correct... no all but almost all.. stupid teacher... i jz cant und y she dowan giv me bac my paper.. wat? jz bcz i din go to skul when u gave out da paper?NONSENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! u stupid brainless!!!!fine!!!

next.. mte's mp.. its fun its great.. i got to take pic v all awesome ppl..hehe... food great condition great.. n most of it... yong sheng(woman) pey jiun n eliza(ah piw).. u make my day.. i cnat stop laughing cz of ul.. gosh!!full of my voice i kno.. in da fish but.. who cares... every1 reli enjoy.. xcpt... chze hsien...apala..
took lots pix.. n make so much of noise til.... da aeon penyaran ppl complain us thru a mike.. gosh!! its embrassing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!haha... i cant imagine dat.. my 1st time eva afta... ppl complaining... da person say
"murid smk tinggi klang,sila KURANGKAN SUARA ANDA"
OMG!!! this is too much man.. haha...reli unbelieveable=]

next... thnx to... weewen,qijia,mj.cheehong,kokthai,suehyeen.weishan.khailoon to celebrate 4 me cheehong n mj burhtday at pizza!! i do remember those sweet n funny n 'gossip' moment over thr... lol!! thnx alot.. i hope i din missed out any1 name=]

ok..tuition.. plan a surprise party 4 teacher=]ms.lim... u a da 1!!! love u lots=]happie belated burthday to u!!!!!!!!!! its reli a shoking news dat ur burthday same as mine n also mj===]!!! im glad of it=]

ok... ytd.. a busy day...morning went to market..then go cut my hair.. until i bcum like an idiot!! sumur so damm expensive!! erggdh!!its ok.. then... go qi jia hz v wee wen n siau man.. i cooked pasta!! wow!!i dun believe dat im a good chef=] (self praise) but its reli tasty=]... afta dat... i ask permisson from piggy qijia to let me drive..obvously.. he sat beside me... damm him.. claiming dat he goin to get heart attack!! chicken u! haha.. but i din drive home... he drove us bac.. im reli damm happy afta such a long time dat i can get to drive.. plus its qi jia car... seriously... i reli wana say thnx to u lots... without u.. my f6 life would b sux.. but i dun mean dat havin u its bring happiness in my f6 life... dun flattered!!! haha!!

then.. went to dinner.. gosh!!! i dun und my mummy n thise aunt... now wat?? everytime out oso discuss bout branded..not lv then gucci.. grrr...
:'eh.. mine 2000++.. yours le yours le??'
:'oh... 2000++ oni a?? mine 4000++ oni ma...even my bag size smaller..."
izit thrs no other topic???
but neway.. its better than >>> :'eh... ur son get how many a ha???'

today more happy=]actually its all bout lunch..say 12.. then reach leo's at 1pm.. thnx to jo... who willingly to fetch me n hav lunch v me.. eneded up buying cake at baker's cottage.. stupid cake so ahem.. grrrrr.. fine then... n piggy ivan reach at 215 pm!!! late 2 2hours 15 min!!gosh!!!neway its ok.. since we a celebrating 4 u=]... if not then u die..wakaka!!
we change table almost... 5 time rite?? lol... all oso thiam chai fault!! haha.. k k...bluek!!! er..oya.. b4 i 4got... thr's oni 1 place nice in leo's cafe.. which is infront of da counter... bcz thr got aircond!! my god!!! like inside sauna like dat!!so stupid...
n v spend da whole time chit-chatting bout other ppl's gossip.. ghost story.. n.. lame joke... n.. a little time of being quarel between me n thiam
neway.. its happy today.. i duno y.. u reli made my day=].. its been so long din chat v u... n i jz cant imagine v have a chance to sit down n talk... single n available?il mark ur word=]

lazy nw... actually waiting 4 u to on9.. but u this maniac on durin mid nite.. suan le pa=]... g9!!

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