Sunday, November 30, 2008

happie burthday to people=]

ok... so fast.. another month gone and here's december.. gosh.. time flew like thunder man.. i did nothing for a month and look at the time tik tok tik tok..gosh.. im crazy!!

i cant study.. i just need a place a suitable place for me to study.. please help me out of it.. i know i dont deserve it but please!! leave me out of this type of condition!! i surrender..

for the past half and hour been studying history.. but no point i dont even know/understand/REMEMBER what ive been reading... ergh!! i hate me life i hate myself!!

im being emo!! pls...ergh!!

just cannot understand why am i been born.. ok just born her enough!!

anybody please introduce some place for me to study..

wanted to move out from house.

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