Wednesday, February 10, 2010

title? blank

okay. actually i wanted to put up my promition for chinese new year last sat. but i end up sleeping at 2am every night cause of.... actrually i dont know i busy what. haha its actually im helping anyone that wanted their finger to look different and nice during chinese new year. got my 3rd customer ytd... finised design for her dat time was about 1 somthing. so din update blog again.

im calculating very very very SUPERB cheap where fake nail normally is rm88, i only count rm20.00 to rm 25.00 haha... see? its cheap cause im not counting workman ship payment. only count the materials...

so feel free to contact me , hope your finger nail look gorgeous!! ahha

okay.the second thing is... im really fedup with my IDIOTC JOB. it may sounds bad and weird cause previously you all maybe heard i quite enjoying that job.

ya. its only dat time. but definetely not now. holly shit my boss show her WHAT EVA TAIL was dat.

its horrible. terrible and serious vegetable.

diu. pls do not buy things over there. service no good., lan c and sumur tiau ke. plus serious look down on people. worst still, only layan rich customer. diu!!!

freaking bias. like male. dont like female.

kiam siap on salary but earn damm cickening alot!! omg.

really betahan her face. no matter how beautiful you are, you dont have the attitude.

you are not just a horrible woman. but a TOTAL LOUSY BOSS.
you deserve it lady.

thaipusam wasnt a public holiday? bare that in mind dat u're living in malaysia. not australia.

damm. she really pissed me off.

if she wasnt miss lim ex student, for the past 4 day already leave the stupid place.

let you feel the importance of me when i leave thias chinese new year.
U'L REGRET!!!!!!!

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