Wednesday, February 10, 2010


HAHA!!! i just finish post up the other post. so im here to share my feeling. but b4 dat. sorry to sheena dat i cant keep my promise. haha.

so, back early today (cause dowan see my omg boss face)
get into ar, mum tell me dad come back today.
she's bit unhappy cause my mum ask him bring SEPULUH EKOR IKAN, my dad brought back 56 kg of fish and 68 kg of prawn which catch this morning before selling it just now. haha

since its so so so alot, i ask my mum to sell to others. so, she contact few neighbours and reltives.clock strickes 730, i finise my dinner and my daddy reached. mum n i start measuring prawn. and the venue is on top of my dad car. its a frontier. mini lorry like ford car.haha...

i feel so weird cause it would be my first time to sell tose things especially with my family.really weird...

so, i end up to be the one who deliver fish to neighbour, collecting money and taking out seafood from ice box... theres a lobster too!!! REALLY BIG when i say its really big. haha.

the feeling is undescribeable.... i dont know why. but serious fun cause im ordering my dad to do things for me!! wakaka!! asing him to bring me news paper, open the door... pick up phones and etc. haha

it might looks like im cruel, but, good for him cause i help him sell and he help me do those work. muahaha. mummy is so so so busy calculating and measuring.

lol. only one word to describe. MEMORABLE!
haha... even though i smell fishy and "prawn-y"... but i love the joy.

i bet not much ppl do thing dat like what ive done just now. haha. so business end at 1030 where all the fish were sold out and medium prawn left few kg. haha.

the best part which make me angry when i heard my mum forget to keep the big prawn for me -__________-""

haaha! its okay then. il have it next time haha. the big prawn is about as big as my palm excluding the head and as fat as my palm too! haha

its an excitement to enjoy.great to share and post it here.=]

:its weird why there's a creature like dat.even though it looks pity when i hold them, but i think they feel proud cause making human and other living thing happy when having them.
may you all RIP.
thank you=]


good night1.37am-11/2/2010

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