Sunday, February 28, 2010

gosh. today is 1st of march. hm...kinda....ya.. kinda.....

okay. i dont even know what i wan to type. lol!!

weather is rather hpt recently. im getting fever and headace so kau lat.

and towards the ppl that i din reply or anything, im sorry. im not doing dat on purpose. im really busy-ing when u call or msg. so sorry for the ignorance=]

ya. of course il get moody and sad and emo this few day.
no worries. i will stand up.
AGAIN. lol... sounds like ghost...

going to be another burden for my parents and waste money again. sigh!

and currently, eventhough ive accepted the fact, i still cannot decide what the courses that really suits me and i really wanted.

its all bout money.
when u dont pay, ul study what is given.
when u pay, ul study what u believe u interested in it and which lead u to a bright future.
so, ul make every sen worth of what u've invest.

unless, ur piku prints money. and simply u just wanted to spend some time there finding entertainment , then thr's ntg much to say la.... hm.

actually. i hate this que. ive been thinking since form 5.

totally NO IDEA of what m i going to study. sigh...

sombody... enlighted me plz.....

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