Friday, January 16, 2009


haha.. alive.. yaya.. im!! okok.. so long din update d.. il upload pictures very soon which is my class room pictures and my ANG PAU from miss lim.
i decorate my class like my house.. all is "choi san to"!!

and i sleep for my econs exam after 30 min doing all the obj.and SLEEP for the rest of sub que.ppl..HELP!
ops.. i should have said..

haiz.. and i cant upload picture due to MY SIS!!!borrow my k810i to oversea cz my fon gt tiga g and her fon dun have(lousy excuses)


and i dun have all my contact cz all the name is inside that phone and not sim card.gosh!!kill me!!
and the other nokia fon.. have to borroe to my HUGE friend:qi jia.. cz his fon ended up i DONT HAVE any i use my brother HUGE HUGE!!

and its super late now.i have to go oi oi nw.damm tired today.
and tmr got!!so upload and update as i get back my phone.

toodles ppl=}

pls dun 4get to smile=]

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