Sunday, January 4, 2009


im really sick.sore throat,flu,cough,and fecer.
i woke up at 10 and after breakfast,my cousin went home.
she's back from aus so i ask her to stay v us ytd nite.
im sick cz of lack of sleep and im under the rain for 3 hours during my grandpa funeral.gosh.
when im back from funeral i let my bro in law to bath 1st.
i was sitting on sofa-watching tv and I FALL ASLEEP.


and today,my maid wasnt here mummy say she's going bac to kampung cz tmr morning have to go grandpa grave.
after she left,
ive been sleeping from 1 to 5 sumtin.
mybro keep scold and yell at me ask me wake up and clean the house and eat my lunvh.
i dun bother him and i scold him
then 5 sumtin he woke me up and gave me a cup of chlorophill..the green water...
and i drink it with 90%
then he force me to sweap and mop the floor.
i cant find stupid broom cz i duno where my maid kept i just mop it.then

go bath and continue watch movie.
im watching 8tv.
the program of gogogo!!!
their location at MY NS CAMP!!
DELTA ROVER(the lake i used to do kayak and rakit there.
lol.. i miss my camp..
too bad i din get back there and celebrate opening of third

tmr.. school im wondering how could it be.. cz i haven finish all my home work at all..


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