Saturday, January 3, 2009

you knew it but you doesnt tell.

its been six days ive never update...tonight.. il do...but no pictures. im lazy plus tired.

ive been travelling up and down for the pass 4 days to my grandpa funeralcz i cant stay there...(there's a reason behind)

and i didnt get enough rest and i didnt really touch any of my books but jostick and jos-paper.

today(this morning)were sending my grandpa to the grave where he bought 20 years ago.
i not so like that place cz its like got nobody to take care of it.
i want a better place for my ah gong.but he insisted there.its not we cant afford but he dowan because...
one of his son(my uncle)buried there.he wanted to u buy the same place but too bad its "out of order" so he bought the ops site.and all of my great grand parent were at Ijok too(the grave)

and yesterday was the last day.i stay there.because it was the last nite.
i feel ashame cz i never take care of the burning jos-paper til mid nite. so me and my eldest sis jaga til 4... but i stiil can make it til 5... so i slept at 5 and wake up at 7 for preparation.

back to the topic,
its yesterday.2 jan 2009.
my grand ma was telling us about my grandpa story.. when he was young.

my grand pa daddy died when he was 1 and a half year old.(its a shocking and a big deal for the ancient ppl cz they dont die that early)

and my grand pa was the youngest of the 8(4elder sis and 3 elder bro)
his "flower name" is Kau Sai.(ancient ppl believe that its good to have those can have good luck andpass away peacefully.)

somy grandpa bro aka Te Sai promise him(my grandpa to buy him a big "luo-ku" for him to play when he become bigger bcz he dont have a daddy anymore.

and time passes he was at the age of 10.his family is very very poor.he is left with a mummy and his grand ma.. so he have to work.
my grand pa "tumpang" ppl's sampan to catch "ham and lala" with his bare hand and leg.
and there's a type of insect which is very poison and painful always stung on my granpa hand.but he never complain cz he wanted to earn money.and he also help to bake "kuih"-ang ku kuih to sell to the village...

and when he reach the age of 17,he is more wiser now.
he took back the pig ladang(which own by my grand pa late daddy) where his daddy borrow to other ppl and my grand pa continue the "pig's-business"

he work day and nite without resting.

and at his age of 21,he married my grandma.
my grandma is a very very very very rich ppl's daughter.too bad her daddy passs away too early and they have to simply married her away.and the mr.right was my grand pa...

after they married,
they work together the pig business.
my grandpa have to wake up at 3am EVERY SINGLE DAY to cook n feed the pig so can sell...
that time was still poor.. to get the little bit of money....
he have to cycle from kuala selangor to kuala lumpur to sell the pigs...

not easy to take care those pig... cz they were more difficult than take caring of humans...have to eat 4 time a day and bath 4 times a day...

and my grandpa dun have family planning.. so my grandma was pregnant 11 times and give birth 11 times...
still my grand pa is happie and proud of my grand ma cz she willing.
but now.. there's only left 7 of them...
4 babies die.. when they were very young and 1 die of drunk and drive.and the worst.. all also the gender of male...

even after sometimes my grand pa earn sum amount of money.. he spend like he earn very little.. cz he wants to kept money for his beloved child to study.
he never got a chance to study...bcz he got no time and no support.he have to earn money to support his family when he is young.

so he is very lonely and "silent+bored" visited him all the time.. he got no entertainment.. no tv.. no newspaper cz he dont understand at all..
i feel really bad for him.

and..he spend really wisely...
he got a las for his business so he can fetch more pig to kl..and as time pass.. the car batt is low.. so its hardly to start the engine..
so me mum,my mum bro and my mum 1 younger sis will wake up every 4am to push the car fast so to make the engine hot and there it goes...
it happens every morning.. and after all the car pushing and pulling.. my mum and siblings will get back to sleep. mum is the eldest daughter right after his eldest my grandpa paling sayang is my mum.. i dont know why..

and.. he become very well known at kuala selangor since after he shift house(currently the house he is staying now)..
he is the FOUNDER of Tian Hock Kong.
he is the CEO of 8 persatuan at kuala sel.
he is the vice president of duno wat persatuan kuantan.
he is super ative in these activities.
he is also the person who started to collect money as donation for the old people who dont have family and poor.

he is also the person of handling ppl's funeral.he would be the 1 who construct and does everything for the funeral including the "white-flower taking".

him(kau sai) and his bro(te sai) is the most famous ppl in kuala selangor of being HELPING EVERYTHING for ppl.. even strangers.

normally ppl's funeral.. they will hang probably 3 to 6 banner aka flag of respect. but my grandpa got 18.

and giving out donation to the primary school where he always help and others club...
funeral held for 5 days.each day ppl will come and pay respect.the ppl can come up to 500 people a night.
its really alot.
and thanks for YTL (yew tiong le) to come and pay respect for my grandpa.
and also thanks for the few persatuan where they will put my grandpa name as ceo or director for eternity.even he is death now, still he would be the part of ceo/director.

not only money he donate.he too donate his energy and his sweat.

all this he have now,
all the money was all his blood-sweat money.
in chinese ppl called it "bai sou chen jia"

he said...he like "meriah"
but he was always alone when he is alive.
im sorry really sorry.
leaving you alone with bored and silent.
i hope the ceremony held today will be your eternity entertainment.

thanks to the chinese group where they played those old insturment like gu-zhen for my grandpa.
its expensive to hired them to sing that few songs.but
they come for free when they saw the news paper.thank you again.
to the ppl who pray for my grandpa,thank you.
to the ppl who fold the jos-paper.thank you
tho the ppl who take care of the funeral ceremony,thank you.
to the ppl who remember my grand pa,thank you
to the ppl who really take care of my grand pa.thank you
to the ppl who clea up the surrounding, thank you.
to everybody,thank you.

and even thanks for the gangster and youngster.
i dont know how much my granpa help ypur family/parents,until your parents tell you to pay for the last respect for my grandpa as what your family told you to do even some of it already pass away.
thanks for remembering.

and all ive been typing was just a part.
i hope grandpa you will like the bread and the coffee that i ask ah kun to fetch me go buy and also the lily flower ive made for you.

i hope you received it.

not to show off how grand was my grandpa but im just feel like telling here because i miss him.

not being greedy,
i hope you wont reborn.stay at heaven and enjoy the peaceful life.if if if you really reborn,
i hope you've been born to a rich family.
born with intelligent.
born with hardworking
born with humble and as kind as when you were alive perviously
and born with all the good luck surrounds you.

ypu leave good names for all of us,
and i hope it forever will.

like what the funeral-manager said,
ul always at our big living room and protect us.

im your grandchild, il forever will.
i love you.

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