Saturday, July 19, 2008


wow!!!thr's been quite long dat i din update d.. hm...actually its kinda tired this few day..haha!!ytd is sat... means ytd is prom... very successful as really in damm damm successful..haha!!!!i reli cannot imagine dat.. ppl who go... ul sure very enjoy during da event rite??? reli thanx so much 4 da ppl hu attend ytd... i reli damm damm appreciate yor punya kehadiran ytd..hahaz!!!!
ytd was... ok la... cz reli got lots of accident happen during da event.. n its non stop.. so.. its its my 1st time to be da emcee 4 ytd nite.. hm.. kinda.. wow... very very kan cheong.. plus.. nobody wan to hear wat i wan to say.. sigh.. da atmosphere is so da very like,,,,cold.. gosh..haha!!!but also got ppl pay attention la..thank you k?? those hu din pay atention.. er... i duno wat's goin on..haha...da lucky draw there its kinda...kinda..kinda... was so da very.. haiz.. n da 'extra' table... im reli sorry bout dat actually.. so so sorry!!i dun mean dat u all r extra in da sense of extra,... but... seriously.. if ul din come ytd... v cant be successful ytd... thank you so much... give around of applause 4 ur self then.. haha!!!n da worst tin is.. i cannot imagine da... my leg.. my leg.. my leg let ppl step on it on da SAME MOMENT n... when they r having fun dancing.. gosh....haha

k k kinda tired now..will update soon again ya=]

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