Friday, April 3, 2009

friday night???

suppose to upload photo that day.. too bad.. was really very busy these days.. and im really tired.exams exams exams.. stress.stress.stress.

and i nearly forgot about

past few days.. tuesday i think... ive got a "fight" with elaine teh...

bah.. nonid to say also know why la rite?? THE SAME OLD HER!!
WITHOUT BRAIN.. she can speak. i wonder how.. hm..

so.. i was telling her...

me: elaine a.. i wan go dana class liau.
her: owh.. ok..

(i turn and walk away.about three steps then i turn around and say again)

me: elaine a. if you dawan to jaga my maruah,IM OK,,, but pls JAGA YOUR OWN MARUAH OK?pls think BEFORE YOU SPEAK.

her: (she kisiau and scream)wat ?>>>bla bla bla...
(she threw the book ~ping pong piang~)

i din answer and straight walk away.. plus i din hear what she is really saying cause you know la.. my class is always very very noisy..

after 15 min...

i wanted to go office to take notes.. guess wat?

i saw the fucking elaine teh talking to n dana and crying...


see la.. how childish she is..

then she went to tell pn patmA(our caunsellor) the same story..

and then... she "reported" to miss lim...

(i know you all must be wondering why she dont feel thirsty rite??
let me tell you then...

she brought 1 litre of water ma..heiyo)

and so i get a msg for miss lim...

she say... she thinks dat i SHOULD APOLOGIZE TO HER.

after i read that msg.. im so.. FIRE!!
sumur she claim to miss lim that because what ive said, she WANTS TO CHANGE SCHOOL AND STOP PN DANA TUITION.

and miss lim say that.. SHE IS VERY VERY VERY SAD...

ppl.. do you think miss lim should have believe her???

tell you what,

from last year she already say she wants to stop school.. lolz rite??

haiz.. pity her.. crap ppl talk crap things..

i went to see miss lim the next day.. i wish i could keep quiet.. and i really do cause i very lazy want to defence for myself.. so i kept quiet all long and just listen to wat miss lim had herad from the stupid-brainless-crapping gal...

guess what?before she find pn dana,she told one form 5 guys about the quarrel stuff.haiz... c...i told you rite?? THE USAGE OF 1 LITRE WATER.

i really using "TALKING" way to espress to her.. but she yell...
6a7 -my classmate can be sure bout it..

too bad.. elaine teh told pur dear miss lim that..


people...this this elaine...ya..ELAINE TEH YEE LING.

HAIZ..pity her people... pity her because she dont have a brain..

pls pray for her... no need donation..

because at the end of the day,
miss lim will give her back her tuition fees as a thanks to her...


ending with anger.


Reyd said...

the armageddon is here !! haha susin fight only .. whole class supporting u

Yen said...
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