Monday, March 16, 2009

im not DEAD=]

ok.. happie belated to this tan cui ting..haha!!!blur her~~nice cake rite?! haha!!! the whole cake drop to the floor when jo tries to push ting face to the cake.. alhamlullilah rite??lol!!! no cake to eat liau><
i only found this pic in my phone. others cant operate i duno put this n jo=]
lastly.. the 6 of us...
next... happie belated birthday to my sifu=]
this pic il only look at my nephew...i duno y..haha!!
si fu cake=]
ok.. this is duno when.. he scolded me and i draw him.. AND i ADDED some nice word for him.ypu deserve time remember to let me go toilet!!
and FUCK dun CURSE your students.cause at the end of the day, even da karma's dun goes to you, you children will get it CAUSE YPU CURSE OTHER PPL CHILDREN!!
er.. haha.. this is... qi jia... he is sleeping.. and i tie hair for him. FOC PPL!!!
thnx to me as the "hair stylist"
thnx to bee ching as the "rubberband owner"
pls dun buy such expensive nescafe ok?? this shot=]
yaya.. thnx to hong yan of drawing this GRAFICAL picture...blablabla..haha
er.. thnx to him=] its surprising.thank you.
and wei siang,,,,, i dowan to PUASA!!AND I WAN EAT BABI!!!
my daddy bought this for me... hehe...
.you tot my dad siau wan a??haha

me and wen at radio station TOILETme and shi yong.. i like this picture cz she look pretty=]
let ul know a big secret... da thing she wear on the body not dress.
its just a piece of cloth..
i repete
haha.. with lots of!!

continue.. wen singing..hehe
the tallest in the studio is her..haha!!!!!
yoyo!! during my school sports day=]watkins

ops..haha.. chin keong.. there you go=]
with your lollipop...
fyi,they win for perbarisan this year...
theme using:ants.any how,,

still watkins the best=]

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i was so yao yeng wakaaka