Saturday, April 11, 2009


fuck!ergh! what a day..

just finish swimming with those human and now ended at exam..zzz...
i hope result out would be least band 4 or 5. pls pls pls dun be less than dat.

just received call.. mistake cz i din tell her i eat outside today.
there she go... no hello but alot od booms throwing towards me.

sienz. b4 i 4got, cerd:congrats you got new "babies"
shin n jo n cerd :thnx 4 da wishes.. appreciate it. phone no cred currently so din repky... paise. i dont think so il reply these days. cz.. dunno la... aiks

i feel dat the previous post is abit too "eyaks" lol... c how. maybe deleting it. zzz...

i got a news from "sum 1".. his friend told him that da guy i was writting about is another "human".. lol.. so funny. dats human...


ZZZ... i dont even know what m i writting about.

all for nw. thnx 4 miss lim for that key chain=]

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