Thursday, February 19, 2009

ok people.. sorry for 'lost' haha!!! nonid explain so much.. lazy.. let me show ul some picture to enjoy today. its fresh. this pic below taken by today.19 feb 2009.before recess.. mr rama is PRAYING FOR US.. SO DAT WE WILL EAT TILL FULL penyayang rite him???good good.!!got improvement mr rama=] KEEP IT UP!!OWH!!!dun kan cheong.. he is not pointing at me.. perhaps i dun think so he knew dat im capturing him.jz now puji him.. now pulak continue scold ppl..haiz...
DISAPPOINTED i felt for u rama-rama.aiks.
no improvement at all!!!! more rama rama and lets cotinue with lebah lebah..haha!!its me!!!i run to 1/2 floor and paint.. its..omg...haha.. on valentine day actually...
this is.. ker shin hard work..hehe
erm.. consider kok thai "design" but no responsibility.haiz.who help him de kknow what i mean la rite?here blog. dowan touch much bout it.
owh. erm.. birthday boi at... buba gum-the curve.and omg,we spend freaking RM60 FOR 1 month tuition serious broke.NOW!!ergh
yaya.stupid qj and clever+sweet de me...muahahahahah
kesian zhi zhong on his birthday..haiz... dragon ball hair+mr rama pants-wearing style..haha!!
my dear lonely bear=(
ops...haha... happie valentine day ppl=}
i promised il show u my class room rite??haha..jz a small part of it.lazy to upload la...
wen ask for help.kesian her doin herself for FREAKING 4 HOURS and.. only a roses PRODUCED.haha!!!at last at my hs.. half n hour finish all...hehe..(does this mean dat i got super power??haha)
my valentine roses from quan,yeen and wen..hehe..TQ TQ!!
o. wen and her "products"..haha
xiao long birthday... then go funa.. and there it goes..i meet vincent=]
er.. elaine wrote this. i bertanggungjawab to capture only.not my fault.
i know the pic is ver erm... not orga nized.. il try to do it better k?? forget to add on.. miss lim give me 14 ferrero rocher and a bookmark-flower with a piece of card for valentine!!!haha.. tq tq!!
and i accidentally deleted my mural. il post it the next post!!tired.
and jun hao!!!pls take note.i talk to you since this year not i like you, its because i GIVE FACE FOR WEE WEN AND CHEE HONG.
you promised me that ul help me and together with me go find out teachers qualification today,and FUCK you never!im doing all ALONE!!and pls! I AM NOT THE ONLY SUB-EDITORS for semarak.if u dare to promise, PLS REMEMBER TO DO SO.and pls dun be like da 2nd elaine.tq
chaoz ppl.tired.

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