Sunday, June 28, 2009

swt!! orientation week=]

1st af all. cONGRATULATION to all junior that uve graduate your Orientation week.hehe!!!

Day 1

me and haziq were the mc. everything is so fine but the feeling of nervous cannot be expelled=]

nothing much happen and me keep scold ppl=]

Day 2

nothing happen. they choose haziq to be mc bcz i keep scold ppl.haha!! (maybe oni lar..)


Pencarian Foster!!! haha!! enjoy the feeling. im kinda scared too cz too many ppl surrounded u asking for signature=]

ADOI!!! im far apart with my 2 little junior MR.TAN WENG HOU & MR.TEOW KIEN GIAP.hehe... one very polite very manners.. one pulak very very cute=]

LURVE them much much!! haha!!!

too bad i scared them by quarreling with chin heng because of his junior. damm!!



they make me feel that im teacher..haha!!

they suppose to find teachers for signature..mana tau i stuck at staff room...swt! haha


its the most heptic day after all.we dont have enough sleep and everything have to be really rush... swt!!

games prezzie dance everything is really under control.haha!!

so lucky.

and before we announce that they graduate, ah jo gave speech. all of us standing at stage.

yin yin on my right and siao po sin yee on my left.

yin yin say: siao po... v pi sai who tears will drop first

sin yee : who scared who? come lar...(she very garang and samseng wan. even chze hsien scared of him.haha!)

manatau... i cry first... SWT LA!!!

haha.. every1 tio chi kia... and i cry really loud.. so damm paise ..haha!!!

when everything ends,,, junior shake hand with us and say thank you.. it make me fell like as if my son married or my daughter marriage..haha!!

everything ends in good condition..alot photograph been taken too=] happie!!

most siau is that nite, chor yau ask for a mte ajk meet up at station one..haha!!!


Serangan musuh pertama=]

junior kien giap prezzie=]
babi weng hou prezie.haha

me n siao po sin yee

back stage play ful me n waikit

me n haziq.

backdrop!!!committee and committee's juniors..hehe

lastly me and my 2 little junior.
kien giap (right) and weng hou(left)

the end=]

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