Sunday, June 28, 2009


Sometimes i wonder why didnt u msg me.
why i must be the one who is the one to msg u 1st.
As time pass by, things change. you said if there's "heart" everything will remail the same.
So does it mean one of us dont have heart?

i remember when we 1st meet.
Form 1 rite?
we hate each other so much. It become worse when after the chinse dance at kwang hwa.
Form 3. we become so close after pmr.mainly because i went to your class for moral.
form 4 first day.u were absent.and we were in the same class.
after u came, u sat beside me.
for the 2 years we were been quarreling playing eating drinking and doing assignment together.
even toilet we went together.
Ive been complaining that u were always late.and yes you are. even now.just like how you all know my speech that i dont have money.
but we dont blame u and already make it as a joke now.

after form 5.when u started driving. inside the car and u heard the song. eventually you will dial up my number and tell me that u were thinking of me.
Ever since u get to that coll which u superb hate still, u change. but still ok at that time.
you were down. i cant help. u were sad i cant help.
what ever that happen to you , i cant help. as u say, thanks god u found him that by your side all the time.

when u get your end year result, u werent satisfy with it. but no matter how, all of us support in what ever would be your decision.
it happens when we often go out. subang subang and subang.
until your parents called and scolded me.
i dont blame that if that u din explain.or they scold because there's a reason behind.
But the thing i know is our relationship get worst from there.

You said if as a friend, you will ACCEPT as who m i.
i appreciate it. and really feel so sorry and apologize if u do think i back stab u.

thank you that you really accept as who i am.

but ways doenst stay that sweet forever.

i hate u when u dont take the initiative to msg me.
not even a hello.
not even a i miss you my fren.
maybe i should refer back to myself cause me too din even msg u rite?? but if i msg u , would u reply?
u were rich. phone bill dont even cost anyting to you. is dat only 2 guys u were to care about?
only them who take care and by your side?
only them u refer when u really down and
is dat so we called as friend?

i admit i mind all of that. because i feel dat i lost the friendship between you and me.
trust,love, everything just gone like that.

i jealous because u dont msg me. my name doesnt appear in al your blog, face book,friendster or even anything.

ive thinking very long time ago should i msg u. but i ended up posting blog now.
im really sad and really disappointed of what had really happen.
im happy that u found your coll life because u enjoy it. but i hate myself of hating you because u made me sad.
i cannot accept all this even things happen even its already been so long.
i miss every moment when we were "young"
i miss when u cry with me when i express my feeling to you.

i miss every moment.

and we have grown have your own life but too bad im still leaving in that memory.

friendship never ends.
is dat true?

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