Thursday, November 4, 2010

i talk about you. you talk about that person.
i concern about you. you concern about that person.
what eva you told me what u feel . i feel that for you.
whateva that I THINK im suppose to know . but i dont get it from you.

since there is already a replacement , good to both of us. CHEERS =) im glad.

ya fault , my bad that makes you cry in front of your friend. because im harsh enough and did not fully utilize my brain cell to THINK before i speak. =)

so. see? how good is now right?
i cannot see any reason on the moment you pissed and ignored.

say it all out. im dramatic im full of expression.
i am. dats what made me ng su sin.

i remembered something. she's right. 2 years back. she utter these sentences from her mouth " im not like you. no matter how close we are , i WONT 100% trust you. " yet , again , i did not take that words into consideration , falling into the same trap again. LOL!!!

not im repelling you. not that i dont want to talk to you. is you that let me off. our heart WAS tied before. it was all just BEFORE.

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