Thursday, December 31, 2009

bye 2009,,,,,

wakaka!! this would be the last post of 2009=]

quick update.
1. i just finish working. haha!!! at star garden. as a florist . the shop is right beside station one klang
2. im not having a holiday tmr. il be working=[
3. i attended jiunn yi bro wedding and be their wedding emcee. i sounds really like an aunt dat nite. haha!! but i really get experience.
4.going to count down later.
5. i almost finish watching all the movie in cinema.wakaka!!!
6. i just back from singapore. haha. nothing much to shop actually haha!!!
7.ive been doing nothing for the past few days actually.
8.i went to ah ma house for cup cakes planning something. i hope it comes true within this year b4 may. sigh.
10.i meet SOMEONE.

dat's all for now fren.
i do miss you all.
all means stk+convent=]
i know ul miss my laughter alot. wakaka=]



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