Tuesday, May 12, 2009

alot! messy! haha

haha... pls pls pls appreciate this picture..

this might be the last picture il take. haha. cz its all the same... hehe.. he sleep scold and MUMBLE all the time=]
our dear butterfly fly fly~~~happir wesak day!!!!=]
bath for baby buddha...
saw this? hehe... we took freaking 5 hours to finish it.. start at 6 and end at 12 mid nite(friday nite)and it is really a nice scenary that day of it=]
we never even stop to rest..zzz but.. we were really happy of the out come=]
oya.. for the last few post i told ya ppl im attending ponggal fastival rite?? here it is..
this is column..in normal language.. we call it.. erm... coloured rice decoration.hehe.. we won the 2nd place=]
paise... come back to flower day.. er.. ops.. should be.. wesak day.. haha... they spend the whole morning til evening to done this.wooo~~~ normally il do it. but this year got class.. so eneded up me alone and shernam kor kor design the top pic flower deco=]
alex n xiao liang help me go up and water the flower.. thnx^^
water flower-flower water..zzz
ops!! haha.this is not part of wesak day. haha!! mona monalisa instead of MONALISA..haha
oya.. this is me... with saree=]
me and dear Pn.Dana..haha
i berjaya to "mengurat" mr Guna..hehe
wow.. i oso duno wat happen.haha
me n shi yong. thnx for bringing me for the erm... haha... in a word, THNX=]
hahahahahahahahha mydkny=]

thnx for watching.. the end.. haha. its messy i know. paise.. now noly upload. kinda busy lately=]

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